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Love's Travel Stops, which carries a full line of Double Coin commercial truck tires, has opened seven Travel Stops in recent weeks in seven states with Speedco tire and mechanical services on site, including tire, lube and light mechanical services on a 24/7 basis.

The new locations are in Heflin, Ala.; Milton, Fla.; Leavenworth, Ind.; North Canton, Ohio; Newport, Tenn.; Winona, Texas; and Filmore, Utah. There are now more than 420 Love's Travel Stops with either a Love's Truck Care or Speedco on site which iin total offer more than 1,500 maintenance bays. The entire Love's network iincludes 580 stores and over 1,200 roadside emergency vehicles.

We receive great feedback from our customers on the customer service they receive at Love's and Speedco locations. Adjectives like "professional" and "responsive" are routinely used. We are very thankful that Love's is part of the extensive sales/service network for Double Coin tires across America.



Double Coin RLB400 & red truck-2

RLB400 & More!

We also get regular feedback from our customers on the extraordinary tread life delivered by RLB400's, one of the many Double Coin tread patterns carried by Love's.

The RLB400 features an extra deep 30/32" tread with stone drilling protectors which promote long original mileage. The closed shoulder tread design provides even wear while maintaining excellent traction. A heavy-duty casing delivers strength, stability, toughness and multiple retreads.


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