New York Owner Operator Wins Double Coin Steer Tires

Robert Brueckner of Newfane, NY, was already a big fan of Double Coin tires, so the longtime owner operator was thrilled to learn that he was the winner of the Smart Money Tire Drawing.

Well, actually, Robert (pictured to the right) was a little dubious at first. "When I
received the email I was not sure if it was a hoax or some kind of spam, but I was thrilled to learn that it was legit," he said.

Brueckner's father was a trucker, and he has been in the business himself for 21 years. He operates two Kenworth W900's and two Freightliner Classics. He transports heavy specialized equipment such as generator enclosures across the country on 4x lowboy trailers. Brueckner averages 50,000 to 80,000 miles on his Kenworth annually, and his drivers rack up about 100,000 miles each year.

For his free set of steer tires, Brueckner chose the Double Coin RLB900+  (size 385/65R22.5) wide base all-position tire which features a deep tread for long mileage and good flotation properties.

Brueckner said he first became aware of Double Coin tires about 12 years ago when he was experiencing a lot of curb damage on his Michelin tires.

"I had one driver who was just killing me; more often than not he would come back with a tire destroyed by curb damage," he recalled. "My tire dealer suggested Double Coin. I took a look and liked the stiff sidewall. The acquisition price was very good so I decided to give them a try."

After pulling one of his lowboys on Double Coin tires for a week in the heat of the summer, Brueckner was convinced.  "That week really sold me on the brand," he said. "The heat did not affect them at all, and when I came into contact with curbs, I did not get that pinching effect that was destroying so many of my tires. They really prevented curb damage much better than the Michelin tires. I've only had two tire failures with Double Coin in 12 years which is pretty remarkable for four trucks hauling very heavy loads all across the country."

Based on his experiences with the 255/70R22.5 Double Coin trailer tires, Brueckner began using Double Coin RLB400's on his drive axles with similar success. The RLB400's closed shoulder tread design provides even wear while maintaining excellent traction. An extra deep 30/32" tread with stone drilling protectors promotes long original mileage.

Congratulations to Robert on becoming the first winner of the Double Coin Smart Money Tire Drawing. We wish him continued success in his trucking business and many hassle-free miles on Double Coin tires!

The new Double Coin Smart Money Tire Drawing is underway -- this time for a set of 4 Double Coin drive tires (not including wide base tires). Click on the banner below to enter. It only takes a few seconds. You could be the next lucky winner! 










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