Ocean Freight Rates are Crazy!

Freight rates on the open market have gone crazy!  The ports are all swamped and container ships are anchored offshore waiting to drop inbound containers. The good news is . . . CMA/Double Coin is better positioned than most tire manufacturers to keep our TBR and OTR customers supplied.

The Problem

Below is an eye-opening comparison we complied on how ocean freight has increased to the US in approximately 30 days.  With the Christmas season now approaching, along with the regular surge of inbound freight in the system, shipping delays are expected to increase during the months ahead.

ocean freight rate comparisons

Everyone buying directly from overseas vendors, or purchasing product from local suppliers, is feeling the hardship of soaring freight charges, product shortages and product price increases. 

The Solution

Fortunately for Double Coin customers, we are in a better position having our own state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in Thailand and long established shipping contracts with major ocean and inland carriers. 

Double Coin manufacturing

We were able to supply our dealers throughout the difficult times of the COVID pandemic, and we will weather this new storm of unprecedented cost increases and industry shortages.

There is no question that product shortages and the high cost of doing business are effecting many tire suppliers; some have even decided not take any new orders.  We are telling all our dealers that if they are planning to have product during the months ahead, without question, they better submit direct load orders as soon as possible. 

Double Coin Coast to Coast TBR


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