OTR Market 2022 Outlook

The North American OTR tire market, the largest in the world, was up in 2021 over the previous year, and 2022 promises to be even more robust!

With large investments being made in infrastructure, and the expansion of the leisure industry (construction of hotels, stadiums, and casinos is on the rise), the market is poised to continue to grow.

CMA/Double Coin is set up nicely to support our customers' growing needs this year.  This means keeping our newest warehouse in Houston, Texas, as well as our Southern California and Memphis, TN, warehouses, stocked with an increasing
amount of sizes and SKUs to meet the demand.

For example, our 25-inch radial REM2 experienced increased demand in 2021,REM-2 on warehouse-1 and CMA/Double Coin was able to meet that demand better than many other OTR tire manufacturers.  We were a noticeably steadier supply option for OTR tires, as well as TBR tires. Customers around the country have noticed that when they need a specialty size or pattern, CMA/Double Coin will have a solution for them.

Supply Chain Issues

With global supply chain issues lessening, but nevertheless extending into
2022, it will be as important as ever to manage your demand and orders with
your OTR tire suppliers.

3694-DC-OTR December Ad-05-FBTWIn 2021, delivery times from order to your doorstep were extended, and we all felt the pressure.  This is improving through hard work on both sides, and it will remain an important factor in 2022.

We see the most success coming to our partners who manage their demand with orders early and often. The Double Coin radial and bias OTR tire offerings in over 100 SKUs, paired with our strong portfolio of industry recognized Double Coin truck tires, provides our dealers with the ability to mix and match orders from all of our warehouses and on container directs.  This, in turn, helps our dealers keep their OTR tire customers well stocked.

Advice for 2022

In 2022, it will remain important that we all account for this expected
increase in aftermarket OTR tire demand with an increase in warehouse
inventory and factory direct order creativity. By including OTR tires on other
Double Coin orders, our dealers can set themselves up for success in 2022. Likewise, for heavy equipment owners and operators it will be important to work hand-in-hand with your tire dealer(s) and anticipate your needs as much in advance as possible.

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