Ohio Owner Operator Joins 300K Club""

We enjoyed speaking with owner operator Michael Ziezulka at this year's Mid America Truck Show and are glad to welcome him to the "300K Club" for RLB400 tread wear.

We don't have an official club, but we have been getting more and more testimonials on our RLB400 closed shoulder drive tires since publishing the story on a Florida owner operator getting 385,000 miles.

Ziezulka drives a 2007 Volvo for Mach One Trucking out of Cincinnati. When he Michael Ziezulkabought his truck it came with a set of new RLB400 tires. He says he's at the 300,000 mile mark on the same set of tires and there is still a decent amount of tread left.

Ziezulka, who has been driving for 25 years, pulls a reefer loaded with produce on a dedicated regional route . . . about 500 miles a day.

"I've been driving a long time on many different tire brands; I am very impressed with the RLB400's," he said.

Ziezulka said he checks the air pressure in his tires every two weeks. "Our owner is a stickler on keeping up with the air pressure and it really pays off."

The RLB400 (pictured below) features an extra deep 30/32" tread and solid shoulder ribs for good handling and maximum traction. Its multi-extruded tread package promotes cooler running, which preserves casing integrity and promotes multiple retreads.

All Double Coin truck and bus radial (TBR) tire products come with an outstanding retread warranty - 7 years and 3 retreads.

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