Pacific Tire Group Grows With Customers

It's not by happenstance that Pacific Tire Group and Aloha Trucking have been working together for many, many years -- working collaboratively to reduce tire operating costs for the Oahu-based trucking fleet.

Owned by Aaron Kahalewai, Pacific Tire Group does a great job with Double Coin aloha truckingtires! They have been supplying Double Coin RT606+ and RLB400 TBR tires to Aloha Trucking for 10 years now.

"We have been using Double Coin for about 10 years now and are very happy with the brand," said Paulo Barros (pictured on the left in photo), general manager of Aloha Trucking which is located in Kapolei in Honolulu County. "Double Coin gives the best bang for your buck."


Aloha Trucking is owned by Ivan Silva who has more than 25 years of experience in the construction industry. The company operates 40 trucks, providing reliable, efficient freight and hauling services to customers throughout the entire island of Oahu.

aloha trucking trucks


The RLB400 (pictured to the right) features an extra deep 30/32" tread with stone drilling protectors rlb400 cropped-1which help deliver long original mileage. The closed shoulder tread design provides even wear.

Click here to read about how the RLB400 compared to the General D460 in a fleet test.


The RT606+ is a regional/all-position truck tire that’s designed for the rugged environments of P&D, Urban and Regional applications. Built to resist cuts and abrasions, its 5-rib design promotes precise handling, lateral stability and superior traction.

We appreciate the business of Pacific Tire Group and Aloha Trucking . . . and wish them many more years of successful collaboration! 



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