Double Coin Tire Plant at Full Capacity

Good news for North American fleets and owner operators wanting high quality TBR tires at competitive prices -- Double Coin's plant in Thailand is now operating at full capacity for TBR tires, as well as OTR radials.

The facility in Rayong, Thailand, is able to fulfill container-level orders, and Double Coin Thailand plant photoproducts made in Thailand are not subject to the elevated antidumping and/or countervailing duties associated with products produced in China.

In addition to container orders, we are also stocking and shipping tires from our warehouses in Memphis; Rancho Cucamonga, Calif.; Vancouver; San Jose, Calif.; Costa Rica; and Queretaro, Mexico.

With major competitors reliant on Chinese plants alone for production, this puts Double Coin customers in an excellent purchasing position in the face of product shortages and higher prices from China.

The plant, which opened in mid-2017 on a 3.6 million-sq.-ft. site, has the capacity to manufacture more than 1.8 million radial truck tires and more than 50,000 OTR tires per year.

rubber plantation worker-1Click here to take a virtual tour of our new, highly-advanced plant. You can use your mouse to look around the plant at any time, including some fascinating footage of workers collecting sap from rubber trees.

The plant is controlled by the Manufacturing Execution System (MES) software and is integrated with the SAP management system.

And more good news! Expansion plans of the Thai plant have already been initiated. 

Double Coin Thai plant robot



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