Double Coin Tires Popular in the Midwest

We caught up recently with Mike McGuinness who handles sales in the Midwest Region for CMA/Double Coin. And asked him, "Mike, what are the most popular Double Coin products in your region?"

"I have to start with the RLB400 drive tire because its combination of price and mike mcguinnessperformance is really hard to beat," said Mike, who is pictured to the right. "In fact, I would put this tire against any drive tire in the business. We are seeing consistent mileage in the 280K to 300K range and even cases of 400K plus."

Mike has been in the commercial truck tire industry for many years, so that is indeed some high praise for the RLB400. Check out this brief video of him discussing the RLB400.

How about other Double Coin products Mike?

"The RT500 is a great trailer tire. In the words of my dealers, it is as good as a Michelin without taking into consideration the price. When you factor in price, you can see why it is such a big seller for my dealers."

The RT500 is a low profile all-position multi-use tire designed for various applications. The 5-rib tread design provides superior handling, delivers extraordinary durability and features special tread compounds that promote long wear in high scrub applications. 

Here's a brief video of Mike discussing the RT500.

Mike, any other standouts for you in the Double Coin lineup?

RR680"The RR680 is a very steady and reliable steer tire for short to mid-haul trips. We have a fleet out of Chicago that is giving us really good feedback on this tire."

The SmartWay-verified RR680 is a durable all-position tire that delivers long original tread life and consistent retreadability. Its 5-rib, wide groove design with channel siping disperses water with ease, improving handling, lateral stability, and superior traction.

Overall, Mike says he tells dealers and fleets that "we are just like the big boys in the programs we offer, but a lot less red tape to deal with. Our customers know that if they have an issue, we'll take of them!" 


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