Double Coin OTR Tires - Double Good News!

Double good news on Double Coin OTR tires! We're getting rave reviews on the quality, and we have plenty of tariff-free tires in our North American warehouses.

Going Tread to Tread with Tier 1 Competitors!

A recent testimonial came in from C5 Equipment Rentals in California who began using Double Coin OTR radials one year ago. They are frankly surprised . . . the Double Coin tires are outlasting comparative Tier One brand tires!

Company president Brian Newman said they began with the Double Coin REM-2Brian Newman - C5 Equipment Rentals-1 (size 17.5 R25) and are now looking at putting more of their heavy equipment on Double Coin. The REM-2 tires were first put on a Caterpillar grader. 

"We've been using the Double Coins on our large earthmoving equipment for about a year now and they are working out really well," he says. "So far, they are outlasting the higher dollar brands . . . at a fraction of the cost!"


The interview with Newman was conducted at their rental yard facility in Moreno Valley, CA. Cowboy is 2.5 years old by the way. A fine looking dog!

Plentiful Supply of High Quality OTR Tires

With continuing good supply, we recently added two warehouses in California. With the expansion of these two warehouses, our total west coast square footage Double Coin warehouse tires-1is now approximately 338,000 square feet. The two warehouses added 225,000 units to Double Coin’s capacity.

The total inventory is estimated at 90% for Truck and Bus Radial (TBR) and 10% for Off-The-Road (OTR)/Individual (IND) tires. The warehouse square footage for the east coast located in Memphis, Tennessee remains at 160,000 square feet.

Opening two new warehouse locations this year allows us to meet the growing demand for Double Coin tires.

We forecast Double Coin’s TBR and OTR/IND unit capacity will increase by 50% this year. There are also plans to add more warehousing sometime in 2021.

The company has a total of seven warehouses within North and Central America, Canad and Mexico. In addition to the four located in the U.S., other centers are located in Airdrie AB, Canada, Querètaro, Mexico, and San Josè, Costa Rica. 

Double Coin REM-2-1REM-2 (E3/L3 Earthmover/loader tire

The REM-2 radial features an aggressive self-cleaning tread design.

Engineered to deliver a smooth ride and superior traction in all types of terrain, the REM-2 is an OEM Certified OTR with an advanced casing design that promotes retreadability.

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