Retread Warranty Enhanced to 7 Years & 3 Retreads

We've been saying for years that the Double Coin casing is one of the best in the industry, bar none.

So we've decided to put our money where our mouth is . . . by enhancing our walt weller at NATRE.jpgretread warranty to seven (7) years and three (3) retreads for all Double Coin truck and bus radial (TBR) tire products.

(Photo on right -- Walt announcing warranty at NATRE conference; courtesy of Bruce Davis at Tire Business).

We've been tracking Double Coin casings’ performance through various channels for the past eight years. The data shows that our tire casings are extremely durable, and will retread as well as any major brand casings.

Check out these comments about Double Coin casings from well-known retreader Fred Schmidgall of Morton Supplies, the 35th largest retreader in the country.

This new enhanced warranty, when combined with Double Coin’s original tread life performance, make Double Coin truck tires a compelling solution for fleets and owner operators looking to lower their tire operating costs.

Speaking of original tread life performance, we were even amazed when owner operator Carl Andrioff said he got 385,000 miles on his RLB400 drive tires.

The new 7-year, 3-retread warranty on TBR tires increases the warranty to 2 additional years and 1 additional retread from 5 years and 2 retreads on all TBR tires. It also provides an additional retread for all OptiGreenÔ Series Fuel-Efficient TBR tires.

This gives customers who are looking for tremendous value and ways to lower operating costs, one more reason to choose Double Coin.

Please click on the banner below if you would like to learn more about our new retread warranty and Double Coin tires in general. 


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