Double Coin RLB400 Beats the General D460 -- 11% and 15%

Greg Fisher at Ken's Tire, a big believer in Double Coin tires for years, received interesting test results recently on the RLB400 drive tire versus the General D460.

"One of our customers who drives a tri axle dump truck always has me check theGreg Fisher.jpg mileage on his tires," Fisher recalled. "He recently came in with his RLB400's with a decent amount of tread left. I confirmed that he had logged 70,000 miles. I then confirmed that he had previously gotten 62,000 miles on some General D460's."

Fisher (pictured to the right), who serves as commercial tire manager for Ken's Tire in Cressona, PA, said the customer, Denton Hibbert, is now sold on the Double Coin brand because he paid about 15% less for the RLB400 tires and got 11% more tread wear.

"That's the thing about Double Coin," Fisher noted. "They have a great combination of price and performance. It doesn't matter how much you pay for a tire if it doesn't hold up. There's no value there. But the Double Coin delivers on all fronts, including having a tremendous casing."

rlb400 cropped.jpgWe receive feedback like this often on the RLB400 drive tire. An extra deep 30/32" tread with stone drilling protectors promotes long original mileage, and the closed shoulder tread design provides even wear. It wears "like concrete" says one of our long haul customers, but also delivers great traction.

Ken's Tire has three retail locations in Pennsylvania, and the Cressona store also has a commercial tire operation. They've built a solid reputation for taking care of their fleet and owner operator customers.

According to Fisher, Double Coin has become their flagship commercial tire brand because it brings outstanding value to their customers. That's what it is all about!

We sincerely appreciate their business and wish Greg and Ken's Tire much success in the years ahead!


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