Improve Bottom Line With Smart Money Program

Double Coin believes that, in a world of shrinking margins and rising costs, value has never been more precious.

Since 1992, we have been providing exceptional tire value and product availability Screen Shot 2020-07-21 at 11.38.44 AMto the transportation industry. Double Coin manufacturers and markets a wide range of commercial Truck Bus Radial tires, along with radial off-the-road tires.

The Double Coin distribution network is comprised of many of the most influential full-service commercial dealers & distributors throughout the U.S., Canada, and Mexico. 

Double Coin’s Smart Money Fleet Program is another way we deliver value to the transportation industry. Our program allows all types of fleets to purchase high-quality and competitively priced Double Coin TBR and ROTR tires at over 1,000 points of sale across North America.

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Add a headingCompetitive and Standardized Pricing

Now, no matter where you are operating, you can get the same competitive pricing you are used to. Just go to one of our authorized truck stops or dealer locations and you can have peace of mind that you will get standardized pricing throughout the country.

Convenient Nationwide Access to Double Coin Tires

We know that your company operates across the country, and when the need for tires arises, you want the convenience of being able to purchase right away. With the National Account Fleet Program, now you have the ability to get the type of pricing and service you expect from your local dealer, no matter where you are.

Double Coin warehouse worker on forkliftConsolidated Billing

Whether you purchase from an authorized service center or truck stop, all billing will come from Double Coin, to help streamline your accounting process.

Cashless Transaction

With your account, you will not need to worry about payment at the point of purchase. Instead, the program will allow you the ability to place any charges for products and services that Double Coin offers against your account, rather than paying at the service location

Access Your Fleet Program Account Online

Program participants will have full access to their account online, 24/7.

OEM Specification Credit

With shrinking margins, we know every little bit counts. So, you can receive an OEM Spec Allowance for vehicles ordered with Double Coin tires.

Double Coin Value -- Quality, Warranty, Service

To us, value starts with a great price, but that is just the beginning. You need the performance, retreadability, a solid warranty and knowing you can get service when you need it. It’s what you can expect with every Double Coin tires. 

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    Double Coin tires deliver exceptional value for a wide variety of commercial applications, including trucking, construction, mining, ports and agriculture. Our goal is to provide valuable information for those working in these industries.

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