A Hard to Beat" Spread Axle Tire"

If a trailer tire delivers long tread life, a retreadable casing and low rolling resistance, it's done its job right? Not so fast for the spread axle . . . it must also guard against shoulder abrasion.

For spread axle trailers – three-axle trailers and the like – you have an axle position that undergoes significantly more lateral force that can produce high amounts of abrasion on the shoulder. Trailer tires for this application need to be engineered to resist this type of wear, while still delivering high fuel efficiency, mileage and a good casing.

Minnesota owner operator Larry Vandenplas is certainly pleased after Googling "best spread axle tire" and then buying a set of Double Coin RR150 all-position tires.

Double Coin RR150 Blog Hero Shot

Vandenplas, who owns LVP Trucking in Ham Lake, MN, put a set of RR150's on the flat bed trailer he uses to haul building product machines throughout the region.

"Nothing is going to touch that tire, particularly at that price," he says.

Larry Vanderplas with sonVandenplas (pictured to the left with his son) has been in the trucking business for 30 years, so he knows what he's talking about when it comes to tires. "For spread axles, you need a tire that resists scrubbing, which the RR150 does beautifully."

The all-position RR150 has a 5-rib tread design with wide shoulders that provide an excellent defense against shoulder scrubbing and nice even wear through the tread life.

A deep 19/32” original tread depth also contributes to long original tread life. 

RR150 specs-1

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