The Double Coin Difference

Chinese medium/heavy truck tire imports have certainly grabbed market share in the U.S. in recent years. One reason being, domestic tire production cannot meet demand . . . not even close.

Furthermore, the low acquisition price is certainly attractive. But not all Chinese tire brands are alike. Take Double Coin for example. In our 20 years here, we’ve grown to 6% market share, which is no small feat in this competitive market and is due, in no small part, to great support from our many customers. The brand is also gaining ground in Canada.Double Coin Thailand plant photo.jpg

You cannot grow to 6% market share in this market without providing a quality product that delivers a competitive cost per mile. Our tire plants in China are world class, and we will be receiving our first TBR shipment from our new technologically advanced plant in Thailand (pictured above) any day now.

Dependable customer service has also been critical. We have very experienced salespeople and engineers in the field and warehouses in the United States, as well as a great team in Canada. . . peace of mind for our customers and a stark contrast to being left to your own devices after buying a container load.

Our programs mimic the Tier 1 manufacturers’ programs . . . with the added bonus of getting a quality tire at a reasonable price.

I encourage you to read this recent article in Transport Topics for a more in-depth look at this issue. And please click on the banner below if you would like to learn why “the smart money is on Double Coin.” 

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