Ag, Forestry Tires & Bias Construction Tires Now Available!

Great news for our customers who work the fields and forests! We're pleased to announce that CMA is now the exclusive distributor and marketer of Tianli tires.

The Tianli brand includes agricultural, forestry and construction tires. Tianli Ag tires include a full line-up of radial and bias tractor tires, radial and bias flotation tires, implement tires, and specialty R2 and R3 tires.

Tianli forestry tires include a complete line for skidders, harvesters and forwarders, as Tiangli forestry tireswell as flotation forestry tires. Additionally, the construction line includes industrial/lift, port, mining, skid steer, backhoe, and OTR tires.

These Tianli product lines will be a great complement to our Double Coin TBR, OTR and industrial lines.

As a global manufacturer and distributor, we are continually providing our dealers and end-users with a diverse and wide array of application-specific tires – this is why we added the Tianli brand to our product offerings. We are fully invested in this partnership as a manufacturer and marketer for Tianli tires.

Tiangli Ag tiresThe Tianli brand of tires includes sizes ranging from 16’’ to 57’’. The brand was founded in 1985 and is widely known in 70 countries. Tianli’s agricultural tires include IF/VF (Increased Flexion/Very High Flexion) farm tire technology, which enables the tires to operate with a larger footprint, engineered to provide better traction, better flotation and better protection against soil compaction.

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About CMA

CMA, LLC manufactures and markets flag, associate and private brand products fromDouble Coin Holdings, Ltd., and from several other manufacturers. Flag and associate brands distributed by CMA include: Double Coin, Warrior, Dynatrail, Dynacargo, Dynastar, Duraturn, Tianli and Bluestar. In addition, CMA supports several large tire marketing organizations with private and exclusive brand consumer and commercial tires. CMA, LLC serves the US, Canadian, Mexican and Central American markets.

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