Three Main Factors in Tire Rolling Resistance

Three main factors impact the rolling resistance in a tire: tread compounding, tread pattern design and tire structure. Tests show over 50% of the rolling resistance of a tire is generated from the tread and belt package; as such, many research hours are spent to study and improve these components.

Tire companies such as CMA/Double Coin develop tread compounding techniques to reduce the energy absorption and consequent heat generation within the tread and belt package that, at the same time, do not compromise other important factors such as durability.   Low energy absorbing materials are sometimes referred to as reduced hysteresis materials in this context.

The tread pattern design is also an important consideration when trying to improve the fuel efficiency of a tire -- streamlined ribs, blocks and lugs; good balance between cap and base compounds; shallower tread depth; and stiffening the belt package are all important considerations.

Double Coin Excels in Independent Fuel Efficiency Test

As they say, the proof is in the pudding! Double Coin, Michelin and Continental CMA_PITGroup_Test Trackwere invited to participate in tests by FPInnovations’ PIT Group, a neutral third-party research organization. The results among all three brands were close, with Continental coming out on top and Double Coin second. Maybe it's time to redefine the tiers!

FT105 tread patternThere are now 13 different products in the Double Coin OptiGreen fuel-efficient line-up. For instance, the Double Coin FT105 is an EPA SmartWay®-verified, low rolling resistance trailer-position tire built for multiple applications. Its fuel-efficient technology utilizes extensive siping to encourage even wear and its advanced casing extends tire life. 

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