Transporting Cars Worth a Small Fortune on Double Coin Tires

Can you imagine transporting a $30 million-plus car across the country?

That’s the most expensive car that Carl J. Andrioff of Rocket Express has ever handled, but he routinely transports ultra-expensive cars that cost as much as a luxury mansion in Beverly Hills. You can imagine that he is pretty selective in choosing the tires for his 1996 W900 Kenworth and enclosed air ride trailer. His Kenworth is powered by a 3406E Caterpillar engine with 800 HP and an Eaton Fuller 18-speed transmission. Check out this YouTube video of Carl's gorgeous truck.

We got to catch up with Carl (pictured below) recently and discussed the circumstances of how he first mounted Double Coin on his trailer. . . and why he has not looked elsewhere (for another tire brand) since.

About five years ago he went with some 19.5 Alcoa wheels on his custom-built trailer and was having a difficult time finding just the right fit in the wheel well. A local tire dealer had some Double Coin tires in his warehouse.

“I haven’t run anything else since,” he told me. “I have run every tire imaginable in the past 41 years and nothing wears like the Double Coin tires. It’s like they’re made of concrete for the long wear but also provide a comfortable ride and good traction.”

He mentioned that his current set of Double Coin drive tires on his Kenworth tractor has 170,000 miles on them and they “look like new.” Carl is running on RLB400 tires (285/75R24.5) on the drive axle. This drive-position tire features an extra deep 30/32" tread and solid shoulder ribs for superior handling and maximum traction. Its multi-extruded tread package promotes cooler running, which preserves casing integrity and promotes multiple retreads.

Carl has Double Coin RR202 ultra premium 5-rib tires (size 315/80R22.5) on his steer axle. This heavy-duty highway service tire is perfect for multiple applications including heavy loads and transport busses. The 5-rib tread design is built for superior handling and traction, and it also features protective sidewall ribs, which combat curb damage and abrasion.

For the trailer, he likes the Double Coin RT600 (245/70R19.5). Ideal for P&D and regional applications, the RT600 is built with protective sidewall ribs to withstand curbing, cuts and abrasions. This all-position tire also features a 5-rib design for precise handling, lateral stability and superior traction.

Carl’s a great guy with an interesting story in trucking. He got started with a pickup truck and a one-car hauler. The people he was hauling for at that time gave him a car worth $250,000 to transport, and ever since, he has specialized in transporting vehicles worth the GNP of a small country!

His customers count on Rocket Express, located in Boca Raton, FL, to get their prized possessions from point A to point B without so much as a smudge, and Carl trusts Double Coin tires.




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    🛫✨ Introducing the future of airport ground support! Meet the REM-26 steer and REM-4 drive tires by Double Coin and CMA. Engineered specifically for the rigorous demands of airport ground support environments, these tires promise unparalleled endurance and performance. 🚜💪

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    Just Landed! Double Coin launches tires for Airport Ground Support Operations (GSE). The REM-26 is an industrial steer-position tire, and the REM-4 is an industrial drive-position tire.

    Twitter feed video.

    Just Landed! Introducing Double Coin airport ground support equipment (GSE) applications tires. The REM-26 is an industrial steer-position tire, and the REM-4 is an industrial drive-position tire.

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