Transporting Extremely Large and Valuable Boats

My name is Chris Hanna and I own Palmetto Yacht Management. I am in the business of moving extremely large and valuable vessels (boats) along the East Coast! We currently run five trucks and seven custom build commercial boat trailers.Chris_and_Robbie

Robbie, my fiancé (that's Robbie and me in the photo), runs the office operations and keeps all of us guys straight! The business has come a long way in eight years, largely in part to lots of hard work, persistence, and flexibility to be adaptive to the ever changing market demands; but most importantly, a great woman by my side!

Being a business owner I am always looking at the bottom line and judging purchase decisions by the product's performance in real world conditions.

When the business was just a year old, I was having a difficult time finding tires to fit my unique application of a 4wd vehicle that runs almost exclusively over the road. With the typical open shoulder drive tire upfront we were experiencing severe "chopping" and wear on the steer axle. After trying several different brands of tires we came across the Double Coin RLB490 which provided a semi-closed shoulder that proved to be the answer to our problem!

With the first set of Double Coin tires providing unbelievable wear, I knew this would be my go-to tire brand! 

Palmetto_truck_and_trailersSince the days of one single truck, we have grown to a fleet of over 80 tires on the ground at all times! With the value of our boats regularly over one million dollars we make sure no corners are cut, especially on tires; that's why every tread we run is branded Double Coin!

I'm excited to be serving as a guest blogger for Double Coin and look forward to sharing our experiences on the road in future blog posts. And please, if you have any questions about the equipment we use or how we operate, leave a comment. We're all in this together so let's help each other out!

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Tire durability is certainly important to the bottom line. Double Coin also has a broad line-up of fuel efficient tires. 


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