Tour "the New Double Coin Tires Warehouse"

We would love for all our customers to tour our new warehouse in Houston, TX, (our largest in North America) in person, but here's the next best thing - a video tour that showcases just how state-of-the-art this new facility is.


The new facility includes office space, 29 dock doors and two drive-up ramps. The warehouse will serve the growing demand for the comprehensive range of Double Coin Truck & Bus Radial (TBR) and Off-The-Road (OTR)/Individual (IND) tires.

Double Coin Houston warehouse

We constantly strive to provide our customers exceptional service, and through this new warehouse, we will have enhanced logistics capabilities that will greatly benefit our company and our valued customers. The warehouse is also just minutes away from the Houston docks, which will make shipping easier and quicker.

The Houston warehouse is located at 4300 Malone Drive, Pasadena, Texas. It will be one of seven warehouses operated by our company within North and Central America, Canada and Mexico. In addition to the four located in the U.S., our other warehouse centers are located in Airdrie AB, Canada, Querètaro, Mexico, and San Josè, Costa Rica. 

Double Coin warehouse #1

Double Coin warehouse #2


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