Maine Owner Operator Navigates Scrap Yards on RLB1 Tires

Owner operator Richard Meek says "he cries a little" when he loses a $300 tire to scrap metal punctures, but "cries a lot when I lose an $800 tire." He hasn't cried at all since running on Double Coin RLB1 tires.

"I have not had any down time with my Double Coin's," the Maine owner operatorOwner Operator Richard Meek told us at the recent Mid America Truck Show. "I am unbelievably happy with them. There is zero road noise, and the durability is fantastic!"

Click here to see a short video of Richard.

A third-generation owner operator with 18 years' in the business, Meek says he goes in and out of scrap yards with his 2000 International tractor and Mack dump trailer.

RLB1-1"It's like a mine field out there," he noted. "My tire dealer, Chris Noyse at Stratham Tire in Auburn, recommended the RLB1. I was pleased to learn that they are in the $300 range because losing an $800 tire like Michelin to punctures is really tough. I could not be more pleased with the Double Coin tires because they cost much less and I've had no down time with them."

The Double Coin RLB1/RLB11 drive-position tire delivers long tire life with its deep 26/32” tread depth. It features an aggressive and deep open shoulder tread design that provides a biting grip and solid traction in rain, snow and mud. Like all Double Coin commercial truck tires, it is backed by an impressive 7-year warranty. 

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