Skid Steers Provide Versatility

Skid steers defined the compact equipment market for many years, but then compact excavators, compact wheel loaders, compact track loaders and compact utility loaders came along.

This other equipment bit significantly into the skid steer market but now market share has stabilized. Why? Partly because these other machines lack a skid steer’s versatility.

Skid steers have become even more versatile with the advent of various attachments. For instance, greater attachment options, such as tree spades and paver layers, have opened new markets for skid steers in mulching, forestry and other segments.

So how do you decide between wheel and track skid steers? Conventional wisdom is that tires are better on hard and improved surfaces. Tires can work on turf and other soft surfaces as well, but tracks are generally considered to have an advantage in the soft surfaces. There are, of course, exceptions and considerations for every application. The Double Coin REM-3 skid steer radial is one of those exceptions . . . mainly because it is a radial!

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The Double Coin REM-3 (SS) is receiving great feedback from skid steer owners and operators because it performs well on hard and soft surfaces. On soft surfaces, its radial construction gives it a larger, flatter footprint which delivers less ground disturbance than the bias competition.

The REM-3 features a special unidirectional tread design for maximum traction in OTR skid loader applications. In addition to optimum performance on all surfaces, the radial construction also increases tire life and enhances ride and handling. The REM-3 is available in the 10R16.5 and 12R16.5 sizes. 

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