Skid Steers Provide Versatility

Skid steers defined the compact equipment market for many years, but then compact excavators, compact wheel loaders, compact track loaders and compact utility loaders came along.

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Gen-Y Trailer Hitches Reduce Hassle

In a perfect world, every trailer you backed up to would be the exact height for your truck and hitch combination! Unfortunately, we live in reality and every trailer is different. In my world, at Palmetto Yacht Management, nothing can be more stressful than backing up to a trailer and realizing you didn’t bring the right […]

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Heavy Duty Ram Truck is a True Work Horse

At Palmetto Yacht Management, we have experience with GM, Ford and Dodge heavy duty trucks in hauling very large and expensive yachts up and down the East Coast.

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Ford Super Duty Truck is Beautiful, But Not a Work Horse

This is the second in my series of reviewing the trucks we use to haul very large and expensive yachts up and down the East Coast.

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GM Duramax Was Head of the Class; Now Not So Much

As part of my guest blogging series for Double Coin Tires, I would like to share my evaluations of the various types of equipment we use. We tow very large and heavy boats up and down the East Coast, so we’re talking heavy, wind dragging loads which cause our trucks to really WORK!

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