Six Tire Maintenance Tips for Proper Load Distribution


The execution of on-time deliveries and seamless operations is paramount, ensuring that fleets never act as a bottleneck and hinder the daily duties of its customer base. As your truck tires cover mile after mile, it’s important for them to operate efficiently and productively within spec. Issues such as overloading, imbalanced weight distribution, and under-inflated […]

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10 Actions to Achieve 10+ MPG

The North American Council for Freight Efficiency (NACFE) has identified 10 actions to help fleets achieve 10+ mpg in over the highway operations.

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Tire Rolling Resistance is Popular Topic Again

One gallon of diesel cost an average of $3.13 in the US last month, an increase of 64 cents compared to April 2020. It has only gotten higher in May. Tire rolling resistance, always top-of-mind with tire R&D experts, always gets more attention from trucking fleets when fuel prices go up.

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Three Main Factors in Tire Rolling Resistance

Three main factors impact the rolling resistance in a tire: tread compounding, tread pattern design and tire structure. Tests show over 50% of the rolling resistance of a tire is generated from the tread and belt package; as such, many research hours are spent to study and improve these components.

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Rolling Resistance and Commercial Truck Tires

The “rolling resistance” of a tire is defined as the physical drag a tire exhibits while in motion (rolling).  This drag is measured as a force. Obviously, the more drag, the more fuel used.

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Double Coin’s RLB450 Tire Receives EPA SmartWay® Verification

Good news for trucking fleets and owner operators interested in fuel efficiency! The Double Coin RLB450 drive position tire has met the requirements for the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) SmartWay® Technology Program.

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Rolling Resistance and Tires

The “rolling resistance” of a tire is defined as the physical drag a tire exhibits while in motion (rolling).  This drag is measured as a force.

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Trucking Industry Focused on Fuel Efficiency with Phase II Regulations Coming

The EPA Phase II standards for medium- and heavy-duty vehicles, which will be announced any day now, are expected to build on the first-ever standards for medium- and heavy-duty vehicles (model years 2014 through 2018). Thus, they will apply first to 2019 model-year vehicles. In addition, regulation of trailers is almost a certainty under the […]

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