Transporting Extremely Large and Valuable Boats

My name is Chris Hanna and I own Palmetto Yacht Management. I am in the business of moving extremely large and valuable vessels (boats) along the East Coast! We currently run five trucks and seven custom build commercial boat trailers.

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Get Longer Wear in Your Steer Tires With Decoupler Ribs

Have you heard about decoupler ribs in truck tires? This is no marketing gimmick. It’s a proven technology that reduces irregular wear and, thus, lowers one of the top operating expenses for fleets and owner operators.

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Animal Kingdom Attributes Help Promote Double Coin Brand Strengths

Since its introduction to the Americas in 1992, the Double Coin tire brand has steadily gained market share and industry acceptance. The brand’s sales growth and success fuels this year’s advertising campaign, which uses humor and iconic attributes of certain recognizable animals to creatively build on our brand strength.

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Educate Your Fleet Customers About Tire Air Pressure Maintenance

Want to help your fleet and owner operator customers get the most value out of one of their biggest operating expenses? It’s simple — help them establish a consistent tire air pressure monitoring program.

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Underinflated Tires Will Reduce Tread Life Up To 25 Percent

Want to get the most value out of one of your biggest operating expenses? It’s simple — check the air pressure in your tires weekly.

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Connecting With Our Customers

Social media has become an important communications channel for the trucking industry with people sharing information and making valuable business connections. Just look at the Facebook communities of the major truck manufacturers — very robust online communities with tens of thousands of fans.

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Make the Smart Move With Double Coin’s SmartMoney Fleet Program

A growing number of North American fleets are discovering that Double Coin commercial tires provide long and dependable service, retreadability, and a cost-per-mile that compares favorably to the best known brands.

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Double Coin Launches Smart Money Tire Drawing

In the spirit of giving our customers the most for their money, we’re pleased to launch the Smart Money Tire Drawing. Enter below for your chance to win!

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Trucking Industry Focused on Fuel Efficiency with Phase II Regulations Coming

The EPA Phase II standards for medium- and heavy-duty vehicles, which will be announced any day now, are expected to build on the first-ever standards for medium- and heavy-duty vehicles (model years 2014 through 2018). Thus, they will apply first to 2019 model-year vehicles. In addition, regulation of trailers is almost a certainty under the […]

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